Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 3

Onto day three and I'm starting to realise that the right breakfast is able to carry you right through to lunch - yesterday's hunger was actaully just a rumbly tummy right on cue at lunchtime!! Only having enough oats left for one more portion of porridge  and wanting a change from fadge. This morning we had welsh rarebit....

Welsh Rarebit Recipe
1 tbsp margerine
1 tbsp SR Flour
2oz Cheese *
1/2 tsp mustard powder **
Wholemeal Bread

* add what ever amount you have  - this is what we had and was enough for 4 of us
** mustard powder brings out the cheesyness to a low amount of actual cheese

Melt margerine in a small saucepan, remove from heat and add 1/2 flour. Stir together briskly and return to heat, still stiring! Pull to side and add rest of flour - stir! return to heat and stir until roux is formed.
Pull to side and add a drop of milk, stir! Return to heat and stir Repeat method adding milk until a nice thick sauce is made. Stir in cheese and mustard powder until melted.
Toast slices of bread on one side only. 
Turn over and spread thick layer of sauce on untoasted side. Return to grill until golden........yum!!

 Day 3 Menu 


Welsh rarebits


Toad in  the hole & Potatoes  _ kids

Jam sandwiches & Soup - adults

(Lunch was grabbed on the run today for hubby and I,  so nothing too exciting!)

(We were invited to my mums for tea)

Beef* and Root Veg casserole, Veg and Potatoes

* I've counted this on our ration!


Fairy Cakes-  Made at school  (children had these as an afternoon snack)

Yoghurts -  (Children had these for pudding at nannys)


  1. Really interesting to read how you're managing on your rations diet! I don't think I could ever do it because I don't eat meat or fish, and the rations don't really allow enough to be a healthy vegetarian...! Love reading your blog, anyway.


  2. Thanks Emy! Vegetarians were allowed an extra 3oz cheese. You could also grow pulses, peas, beans etc and dry them and things? Eggs from homekept chickens. I don't really know enough about a veggie diet to know what would be needed to be 'healthy' but it would be interesting to find out how vegetarians coped with rationing wouldn't it?

    Maxine x

  3. Sounds like you're doing well and the Welsh Rarebit sounds yummy! XxxX

  4. Hey Maxine!

    I guess there just weren't really many vegetarians at all then! I've ever heard any pre-60s mention of being vegetarian, definitely not for moral reasons.

    You're right about growning beans - I'm lazy, I suppose I could do a lot of that. The thing I think would be difficult would be protein... I eat a lot of things like couscous and quinoa and soya products, plus man-made things like quorn - and I don't think any of that was available back then, war or no war!

    I've been away for a few days, looking forward to catching up with your blog this weekend.