Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 2

I was definitely starting to feel hungry during the day today but I think honestly thats the lack of Tea Drinking in between meals I'd normally do. Hubby has taken a larger packed lunch today as he felt yesterdays was too small!


Fadge or Porridge

Both Children had Fadge today, grown ups had porridge (although this has almost used up the 2 points worth of oats I bought, with only enough left for 1 more bowl) tonight I'll decide whether we need to buy more or will look for more ration friendly breakfast recipes!


Soup and Bread (children)

Jam sandwiches, ww2Potato Salad*, Parsnip Soup
Potato, Mustard and Lettuce sandwiches

* Poatoes boiled in stock, chopped herbs


Carrot Soup

Toad in the Hole, Potatoes and Veg

Stewed Apple


Lollipop (Class reward for son)
Biscuit ( Cooking at Brownies for daughter)
Coffee and biscuit (Offered at a friends)

Todays evening meal was a definite success! Potion sizes were generous and everyone was very satisfied. We'll repeat this one I think!

So why the picture of cabbage heading up today, welllll, today I managed to Burn the cabbage for tea!!  What I didn't really think about was the amount of time I'd be needed in the kitchen and with 2 kids homework to supervise I didn't quite make it back to the kitchen in time to pour the boiling water into the pan of cabbage when interupted!!

I'm finding myself thinking about food alot more now. Not the fantasizing but the praticalities of it all. Driving to school I declared to the children 'Oh no!' 'What mummy?' 'I've forgotten to drain the fat out of the pan, to save for later!' Suddenly the little things matter!

Today presented a few firsts (see extras above) for today i'll just list them and do a seperate post on this tomorrow.

Low Points

Burning the cabbage!! And then serving it up anyway - covered in gravy!!!
Reading a post on FB with everyone reliving childhood crisps, (snaps, frazzles, fish & chips crisps in a newsprint bag etc ) then being able to think of nothing else so going to bed early!!!!

High Points

Coffe and a coconut macaroon with a friend.
Finding more recipes on the internet!

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