Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 8 - Week 2 on rationing and weekly Weigh In!

We've made it through our first week of rationing!! We celebrated by, well, staying on the rationing!!

We weighed ourselves this morning...

Weight this week :-
Hubby  = +3.4 kg
Me = - 1.1 kg

I'm not listing the childrens, but will keep an eye on it at home.

We didn't start this as a diet plan, but quite a few people on facebook have asked if we've lost weight so I though we'd include it. I I have no idea how to explain this difference between us? Mines quite obvious , no snacking etc but for hubby to have put on quite a bit is confusing!? The only thing I can think of is that rationing was designed to put  people into their healthiest position, so a slightly underweight hubby may well 'bulk up' on it? where as overweight me would lose weight? what do you think?


Toast & Jam


Cheese sarnies, Apple.


Bunny Pie, Veg, Potatoes , Apple Crumble.


Potato Floddies


  1. Wow, what a difference! Are you sure he's not cheating? Hehehehe ;-)

  2. I actually read something (I would type it up for you if I had the book with me, but I moved countries and couldn't take much) about how even in the last years of the war, the most common dress size was a 42. I'm guessing this was smaller than a 42 now from the difficulties I have finding vintage clothes that fit, but it's not tiny. Apparently a lot of people pre-1940 were very under-nourished and had terrible eating habits, so when rationing started people put on weight and were generally healthier, because they got a fair share of meat and plenty of veg. And then of coiurse, when everyhting became available again in the 50s, people just went food-crazy!

    I want to know what potato floddies are!


  3. Apparently the governmet really pushed eating vegies, such as carrots, so consumption of those went up. Of course all the things that are bad for us were hard to get, including alcohol and cigarettes, so people must have been healthier. I would love to do the ration diet, as I am trying to live a 1942 lifestyle this year. Maybe when my teenage son moves out - he would eat our weekly family rations in a day. Mindyou, at 18 1/2 he wold have been away fighting, so maybe I could count him out!