Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 17

Today, as funny noises came from my NEW breadmaker, I caved in a bought a new food processor. I made a bread dough in it and baked a small loaf. Neither doughs seemed to rise well - maybe too cold? So I now have 2 small loaves for us tomorrow. If the processor one is good as or better than the troubled breadmaker loaf, I will return the bm and not replace it!


Bread and Jam or Flakes


Soup or sandwiches -cheese and chutney


Jacket potatoes and sausages

Today was pretty difficult, dizzle all day, miserable moods, we kinda fell in a slump and resorted to full strength tea (we've been having 1/2 amouynts to make it go further) and dipping into our sweet rations a bit heavier!!


  1. You're bound to have the odd down day, keep it up though! You and your family are doing so well :)
    R xx

  2. Thanks Rebecca, it helps to have you guys supporting us!! Thanks for reading and commenting!!!