Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 1

Well we've made it through our first day!! Here's what we've had....


Porridge or Fadge

Most of us had porridge but daughter doesn't like milk (or cereal for that matter) so she had fadge - A WW2 recipe of mostly potatoes and flour! For the first time in recent history we didn't hear those words from her before school........'I'm hungry, what can i have?' success!!


Soups with bread or Salad Sandwiches

After School Snack
  Carrot Cookie


Parsnip Soup
Pigs in Clover

For dessert we had some of our sweet rations, and wheaties.

Low Points

Hubby washing up and accidently throwing away the veg water I was saving for stock.
Eating supper then realising I'd left the gravy in the kitchen!!!

High Points

Not feeling I've starved myself . 
The kids finishing their packed lunches at school and eating all their veg at supper without question!


  1. Excellent start!!! I bet you will all feel so much healthier and richer by the end of it!

  2. I do hope so! Although I'm kinda worried we'll look like a big orange spud - considering the amounts of carrots and potatoes we are getting through! x