Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 16 - Pancake Day

Today was Pancake Day, traditionally a day to go wild with stacks of Pancakes - piled high and smothered in syrup!
Not today! Not willing to go pancake free today I looked at how we could make them a bit more ration friendly....

Batter - Well milk, flour,  eggs , if you have them from your rations use them, if not do as we did and use powdered egg instead of fresh and household (dried) milk made up.

Size - I swapped to our smallest pan and noone complained, possibly the didn't notice!!

Fillings - I'm a sugar & lemon girl so i just used a scant amount from our ration. Other fillings could be jam spread sparingly, or fruit compote.

Wanting to have a whole pancake meal for supper, I looked up for savoury pancake ideas and found one for a sausage and potato pancake (no batter in this recipe its just the pancake shape that gives it its name) I added carrot too and it made a great supper dish. This isn't the best photo but it was delicious and filling!


Toast & Jam


Lentil Soup & Bread


Sausage and Potato Pancake

Pancakes with lemon & sugar

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  1. Yum! It's nice to read that you're getting occasional treats whilst still following the ration plan. Keep up the great posts!
    R xx