Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 4

Today I think the realisation of our diet really kicked in! For me though I'm feeling alot less bloated (I used to feel this all the time) and I'm not hungry between meals at all - just at the next mealtime!

I forgot to check the bread levels last night so had to hurrily bake a loaf this morning so there was enough for everyone!!

The children have basically eaten everything I've put on their plates by the end of the meal even though they protested they don't like sprouts / cabbage at the start. They are still only choosing 3 or 4 small sweets a day from their rations.

Hubby is the one that complaining the most though! Despite proclaiming the meals - better than before rationing (well more filling anyway) he's missing his in between snacks...


Welsh rarebits for everyone!


Bacon Turnovers and Potatoes

Apples / Pears / Carrot Cookie / Jam Sarnie


Bubble and Squeak, Vegetables and Bacon Rashers

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