Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 6 / 7

  A rather meager offering of Belted Leeks (minus the bacon) and Potatoes

 Day 6


Toast & Jam


Baked Poatoes & Cheese


Poatoto and Carrot Curry and Rice
Suet Pudding


Drop scones
Camp Coffee
Ginger cordial

Day 7


Bacon, Sausage, Fried Egg,Fried Bread


Belted Leek and Potato


Bunny Pie*, Cabbage, Sprouts, Potatoes
Apple Crumble & Custard

* not rabbit! This is our name for a veggie shepherds pie using carrots!!

 I've put these days together as it was a weekend! Its all getting a bit harder now so I did a crumbleon Sunday to boost our spirits! The weekends seem alot tougher, everyone is moaning too - but we're sticking at it. We went out Saturday night and as I was waiting for my drink to be served (Ginger Cordial) my eyes couldnt help scanning the packets of snacks on sale. I definitely was not hungry, it was just habit when ordering a drink to buy a bag of something too - luckily i resisted!
My body changed Saturday too , maybe a result of the mild spices in the curry or the coffee (or maybe something completely different...) Imy tummy was soooo bloated, I felt awful. :(

I'm also trying to get together some of the recipes I've used so I can blog them, bere with me, its half term and the kids are keeping me busy!!

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