Thursday, 23 February 2012

A Lovely Surprise - the kindness of strangers...

This morning, when I  returned from the school run I had a cryptic message from hubby. I need you to come  quickly and pick something (me?) up. My mind raced was he hurt? I've occasionaly had to collect him from work when hes hurt himself and can't drive. Had the cat gone to work with him? We lost sweetie for a week before xmas because she'd hid in the van and got out at a customers in the next village, without hubby knowing!! Or was he giving another unwanted pet a home? Don't laugh I never know who he will bring home next!!
Anyway, it was none of the above, it was a gift from one of his elderly customers. He'd told he what we were doing and our interest in the 1940s and ww2. She had several used ration books in her home and gave him one to bring home! Hubby didn't want to damage it and was very excited , thats why he had asked me to come and collect it from him!!

She'd even written a list inside for me of what was rationed and what was not available. We have a couple of repro books, but no real ones, used ones!! I'm over the moon with this gift!

I'm hoping to bake the lady some cakes to say thank you! How very kind of her.


  1. How lovely!!! I expect she is pleased that they are going to be treasured x

  2. While I'm definitely not saying "cut it up", I wanted to share an idea that my mother had some years ago. She had lots and lots of these rationing coupons from her parents and grandparents, so filled a couple of A4-sized frames with them. Since moving out of my parents' house, I've had one of them hanging in the kitchen as a reminder not to be wasteful.

  3. Great 1940 movies on this site check it out