Sunday, 19 February 2012

Day 12


Toast and jam


Ham and cheese !


Pork rissole and wartime champ

We had a bit of a disaster on the bread front today as the breadmaker died in the night! As a result I pulled a few slices of shop bought bread from the freezer, big mistake, it was hollow and empty and by lunchtime we were starving! We went out and brought a new one asap! We tried out the new meat Mincer today too! A bit of elbow grease needed but we got there in the end! Te resulting rissoles were gorgeous and definitely didn't feel like we were making do!


  1. Shop bought bread is so light and airy compared to real bread isn't it? We haven't made bread here for ages as it's so hot and theoven heats up the house more - I might look at a bread maker - only if I can get one secondhand though, as I am not buying new this year (hope yours is repairable).
    thanks for sharing your journey - already more than halfway - well done!

  2. I always find shop bought white bread to be worse than brown bread though, it's more chewy. If only a poor student like me could have homemade bread everyday! :P
    I would love to see the recipe for the rissoles :)
    Best wishes.
    R xx

  3. Vintage Cherry - thanks for the comments! If you have a food processor you could make the dough in that. I don't bake my bread in the maker i take it out after the dough stage and bake the loaves in a normal oven. I would really recomend freecycle if you are in the UK.

    Rebecca - it really isnt that expensive - i only use a basic recipe. plain basic flour, wholemeal bread flour, yeast, sugar, saly, water. Maybe you can get a breadmaker off freecycle, or mix it by hand. I'll write up the rissole recipe for you as soon as i can.