Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 9 Birthday Party on rations

Today was our daughters 10th Birthday!! 
When we started this month of rationing I knew we would have a problem on this day and kinda decided we would probably have to havethis day off rations. However, as the first week progressed I thought harder and decided with a bit of extra planning we could probably manage something special within the constraints.

In the end we stuck to rationing with one small concession - a bag of popcorn.

I read up on life on the homefront and found out that fish and chip shops still opened in the war and were an occasional treat (you could buy or swap ration vouchers for them). So our birthday Lunch was proper fish and chips wrapped in paper and eaten in a Park!!

With that for lunch I knew we wouldn't be too  hungry at supper, but it would be nice to organise a special meal for her. I saved some of my rations and points from last week and looked for recipes that werent overly eggy or sweet! I had enough for a  sponge a carrot cake (requested by daughter) and a trifle!!
Served alongside cheese or Jam sandwiches it was more like a birthday tea from my childhood (minus the cheese and pineapple hedgehog!)  than a normal party fare these days!

The children and their grandparents thoroughly enjoyed it and we have leftovers for the next few days!!


Bacon Butty or Pancakes


Fish and Chips

Rations Birthday Tea

Cheese Sarnies
Jam Sarnies
Eggless Sponge
Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing* decorated with sweets from my rations!!

* Icing cakes was banned in 1942.

Extras / Treats

Popcorn at the cinema (you're only 10 once I couldn't refuse

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