Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 18

Sorry Blogger isn't letting me upload photos today! :(

Todays Menu is a direct result of a real 1940s style shortage at the butcher!! I went in to our local butcher earlier in the week and asked for OxTail. He didn't have any but would order some in from his supplier. I went back today and found out his supplier had none either - bother!! As I walked out the door I uttered those words I had been dreading since the start of this experiment...."You haven't got any rabbit instead have you?" Of course being a country village - he did!

It shouldn't have but my heart sank. A few people have told me how rabbit got them through the war, either wild or from the garden, rabbit pie was a weekly dish in the country. So I hid my sqeamishness, asked the butcher to chop it into 'unidentifyable portions' and took ine home to make rabbit and ham pie for supper.


Toast & Marmalade


Soup & Bread


Rabbit & Ham Pie, Kale and Mash

I told the kids it was chicken thighs and ham! The children had thirds and asked to take it cold for lunch the next day!!!


  1. Maxine that's outrageous! Are you ever going to tell them?! (did it taste like chicken btw?!) x

  2. Based on my distress when someone told me they had once fed me veal whilst telling me it was pork, I would suggest that you never tell them the truth.