Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 11

Breakfast Welsh rarebit Lunch Jaket potato or jam fritters Supper Roast pork, roast potatoes, veg Snacks Leftover birthday cake I chose pork for this weeks meat ration. Leftovers can be sliced and used as a 2nd roast meal tomorrow or minced and eaten as rissoles. Luckily I found a meat grinder for sale yesterday - unused in a charity shop! So I think I'll try my hand at rissoles instead of fishcakes I was planning this week. On the downside our breadmaker died last night and wasted the ingrediants, so we're having to go buy another one. We've been loving the homemade bread we've been making for this experiment and it was one of the first things the kids have requested continue after! I used to hand make but a problem in my wrist means I can't anymore.

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