Thursday, 23 February 2012

{Wartime Recipe} Potato Floddies

Someone asked what these were, sorry cant find the comment now to say who  :( but here you are.....

A kind of potato Cake Floodies are to have originated from canal workers who cooked them on a shovel over the fire!

Grate a raw potato into a bowl , you can also add grated carrot. Sprinkle with flour and add household milk (milk made from powder) or milk from rationsuntil a batter is made. Spoon into a hot frying pan and cook until golden turning halfway through.

These can then be served warm with sugar for a sweet snack or as they are for a belly-warming elevenses!!

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  1. My mother was born of Irish parents, and her potato floddies were what the English call potato scallops. I don't recognise the recipes on this page as floddies.