Sunday, 5 February 2012

The beginning.....

We have decided to see if it is possible for us, as a modern day family, to live on rations of WW2 for a month...

This blog will document our journey over the weeks

So starting tomorrow  today we will be following the regulations for a family living in 1940. Which will give us the following rations to live off...

January 1940 rations  (per week unless otherwise stated)
bacon and ham  - 8oz/230g 
Sugar - 16oz/455g.
Tea - 4oz/115g.
Cheese -  8oz/230g 
Jam - 1lb/450g (a month)
marmalade - 2lb/900g (a month)
Butter - 8oz/230g
margarine - 12oz/340g.
Lard -  3oz/85g a week.
Sweets - 16oz/455g a month.
Meat other than pork is listed at a shilling and tuppence a week.The equivalent  amount we will work to is £1.30
The above amounts are fer adult, childrens rations are half the amount each. We are a family of 2 + 2 so as a family we will have enough combined rations to purchase 3 x the above amount.
This list show no limits for eggs or milk, for this experiment I will set other wartime limits of 3pts of milk each and 1 egg each per week*
* We do actually own 3 chickens so if they lay any eggs during this months these will be seen as free and on top of ration amounts.
We will also assume that we would have access to an allotment or similar so will allow ourselves to buy UK grown in season fruit and veg.


  1. Oooh how exciting! I look forward to seeing how you get on. I read Nella's War last year. A diary written by a housewife during the war. What that woman did with her rations was amazing. I was full of admiration for her.

  2. Will be following you with intrest good luck .

  3. Oooohhhh how exciting,I wish I could join you but as I can't I'll look forward to reading your posts, Lucey x

  4. Thanks all! We're really excitied to be doing this - hope you all stick with us. We might need some cheerleaders by the end of the month!!

  5. So how did this work out for you?