Tuesday 28 February 2012

Day 19


Porridge or Jam on Toast


Cheese Sandwiches or Bread & Dripping*


Cheese, Leek and Potato (Homity) Pie

As we mention to people along the way about being on rations we get a few 'Oh have you tried?' or ' I remember...' *Bread and Dripping was the suggestion of the lady that runs the local vintage clothing store :) Todays supper was a rather successful homity pie! Hot and filling it was well welcomed!!
Homity Pies were invented by the Land Girls in the Second World War using the ingredients they could grow in the fields. I've been making these for years without knowing the history of them!


  1. My housemate makes a very yummy homity pie that her grandma taught her how to make, it's delicious!
    R xx

  2. Homity pie sounds great - and vegetarian! Do you think you could post a recipe? I can Google, but it's always good to have something "recommended".

  3. I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been really enjoying it. I would love to try doing this with my family but I know I would come under a barrage of protests. I have been following for years another blog on a 1940's diet, but that woman keeps lapsing. Keep yours going!

  4. I just love Homity Pie. I make my wholemeal pastry with a pinch or two of baking powder and grated raw potato and half the fat - bit crunchy but delish!